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As you will no doubt be aware we have seen a rise in the number of COVID cases and of close contacts asked to self-isolate in our school community over the last few days.  Today we received notifications of a further 8 cases across  Years 7-10. You will also be aware from our parental bulletin from last week, that from today the tracking and tracing of cases is being carried out by NHS Track and Trace.  If your child has been identified as a close contact of any of the notified cases, they will be contacted by the NHS team.

Along with many workplaces we have also seen a sharp rise in staff being contacted by NHS track and trace, and we are also one of many schools who  have struggled to secure supply staff to cover staff absence.  The move of the responsibility for  tracking and tracing suspected and confirmed cases  from school management to the NHS Track and Trace system  has also made planning extremely difficult as notifications arrive throughout the day leaving us in a position of needing immediate cover.  

We have therefore made the difficult decision to move to remote teaching for Tuesday and Wednesday morning of this week which takes us to the end of this term and indeed this school year. Quite simply we do not have the staff we need to be able to operate safely for the next two days.  It is terribly sad to end the term and year in this way, as we had activities and celebrations planned to recognise our youngsters’ resilience and maturity over a year full of challenge.  We will be sending our PRIDE certificates in the post and tutors will host the final ‘goodbye’ for this year online on Wednesday.

We very much hope that September will see us return to a school that resembles normality. We will write to you giving details of the LFD testing prior to September (please see last week’s parent bulletin for details of September return and COVID arrangements for the summer).  

I thank you for your continued support and understanding as we end the term and wish you all a happy and healthy summer break.


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