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"Castle School Education Trust is committed to high quality education across the primary, secondary and sixth form key stages. Our schools cover the South Gloucestershire area. We encourage independence within each school within a strong framework of values."

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  • Year 6 Parents/Carers - Our Open Evening is Thursday 22nd September, please visit our Open Events page under 'About Us' for further details. 

Muller House

George Muller (September 27, 1805 – March 10, 1898)

Like the other patrons of our Houses George Muller had no advantage of weatlh or class but had a burning passion for helping others. Although highly intelligent George’s youth was misspent drinking and gambling. His mother died when he was young and he was left to make his way in the world. George made massive mistakes and ended up in prison after living a ‘playboy’ lifestyle based on fraud.

George decided to make a new start and change his life, he moved to England from Germany and after fighting off a near fatal illness focused on doing only good deeds. From that point on George worked with the poor and orphans. His strongest belief was that what ever he did i.e. setting up an orphanage or school for the poor ‘God’ would provide the money. Indeed it was well known that he never asked for a penny or undertook fund raising, yet somehow his orphanages were built and his work was done.

Mrs S Davey

Head of House